Digital + Media MFA

The Digital + Media MFA program provides a diverse environment for interdisciplinary exploration in the realms of art, technology and society. The program includes a central curriculum and facilitates bridges to other departments at RISD and Brown, enabling individual inquiry, high-level collaboration, and team-based artistic practice and research. The program unfolds over a highly engaging two-year course of study.

The goal of the department is to support a resonant community in leading edge artistic research and practice, focusing on the creative, expressive and contextual potentials of technological media. The departmental curriculum is informed by the fields of art, media theory, computer science, engineering, social theory, political theory, cultural studies and environmental studies among others. The areas that the Digital + Media department engages in are active, and the department itself participates in continually evolving the articulation of situated art, technology and society research and practice as an ongoing pursuit. The department of Digital + Media fosters exploratory work which seeks to exhibit a high degree of innovative visual, sonic, and/or textual expression, conceptual clarity, and technological insight and skill. The continuum between physical space and virtual space is emphasized. Each participant engages in a number of potential study areas to define their own personal and/or team oriented practice. Through our curricular philosophy and shared open research structures, we help prepare responsible, resourceful, collaborative and accomplished artists and cultural producers able to evaluate and understand the functions of their work within the range of contexts involved.