Speculating Systems

3 credits

In your pocket lies money. Printed money. A system of control. Above the drinking fountain is a flyer. Event tonight. A system of control. You stand on the side of the street and stick out your thumb. A car stops. A system of control. You sign into a webpage. Access denied. Systems of control. Our lives are full of systems of control. As scary as "systems of control" sounds, they have just as much potential to be a force for good as they can be monstrous. In practice, helpful and harmful systems are quite tangled together. In this course we will be seeking to detangle these knots and deliberately make knots. Specifically we are looking at how recent events (i.e. global pandemic) have created new systems of control in our everyday lives as individuals and artists. Students will explore the role of the artist as a printmaker, creative researcher, an innovator, a liar, and a design fiction theorist. Using printmaking, CNC processes and collaborative techniques students will dissect what it means to create art as a system.

In order to comprehend, transgress, and dismantle the structures that we participate in and perpetuate we will be reading works by Donna Meadows, Edward A. Shanken, Jena Osman, and Frances Robertson. In combining printmaking and digital fabrication methods, this class aims to explore the possibilities of conventional printmaking to conceptualize, design, and produce art with respect to systems and creativity.