Remix Digital

3 credits

In this course, we will develop techniques for remixing digital materials within the public domain. Through class discussions, we will re-evaluate originality as an artistic merit, examine the institution's role in distributing knowledge, and work to define ethical re-use practices given current legal frameworks on intellectual property. Casting a wide net to accommodate diverse research interests, we will learn to navigate databases and archives maintained by NASA, Prelinger, C-Span, Phenocam, and others. With an emphasis on open-source software, the course will introduce tools for collecting and recomposing audio, visual, text, and 3-D samples. Through ongoing individual research, students will scrutinize sources for encoded messages and interpret digital artifacts in relation to social, cultural, and environmental issues. Through assignments and group exercises, students will translate, juxtapose, and re-contextualize their digital collections through other forms - including, but not limited to: print, audio, film, sculpture, and architecture.