3 credits

This course approaches computer-generated images and three-dimensional models from both a technical and conceptual perspective. Students will be able to enhance their artistic practices through gaining introductory skills in 3D production, as well as explore histories of digital image-making and their function as a conceptual vehicle. Communicating ideas with an audience and decoding media texts through developing understandings in media literacy, cultural production, and how 3D design and its interfaces shape user's understanding of the world around them will inform student's making process. Through cumulative investigation, students will build upon skills of critical analysis and knowledge of digital production's history.

In tandem to building ideological understandings of media, students will develop an entire 3D production workflow and be inspired to claim ownership of their individual research methodologies. Fully immersed in the digital production realm, the importance of self-learning and researching will contribute to student's semester projects. Instead of staying with one software to solve everything, students will be exposed to a range of softwares in order to engage with 3D production efficiently and effectively. Students will experience 3D making as a creative process that enhances their existing art and design practice, rather than trying to merely replicate reality. Student's work will not only reflect on the digital production process and its technical elements, but also be created with an awareness of broader cultural context through deep conceptual development.