Expanding Collage

3 credits

This studio course will expand conceptions of collage as an art process and art historical trend to include the possibilities afforded by new media technologies. Class sessions will include discussion of key historical works and texts, in-class demos, studio visits, and critical engagement with innovative works by class members. We will contemplate the aesthetic, conceptual, and political potential spurred by the joining of disparate mediums. Treating the process of cutting and pasting as a foundational artistic methodology, assignments will build upon two-dimensional collage techniques towards three-dimensional assemblage. The final project asks students to integrate time-based elements or digital media (projection, sound, screens, interactive elements, performance, augmented reality, computer vision, etc.) into a physically existent collaged work. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to experiment with materials unfamiliar to their practice and outside of their department of origin. No previous technical experience is assumed or required.