Digital Media Glamour

3 credits

What is Glamour? Permanent pleasure seeking, polished perfection, and an intrinsically manufactured surface? Or is it simply a trap, a vulgar fetish or a scandalous word with very little substance? In this class we will explore the concept of Glamour with connections to a mixture of attributes such as surface, sex appeal, fantasy, magic, desire, exoticism, and hedonism. We will begin to look at speculative fiction through a series of lectures and in class workshops. Students will manifest projects that involve the remixing of image, sound, video and data. The result is narratives unfolding that use tactile, auditory and visual inputs to create fictional visual art. Emphasis is on how critical awareness of new technologies allows us to imagine and repurpose new futures. Students will work with tools such as 3D scanning, animation and sound in the context of their own fabricated re-imagined futures. At the end of class, the students will develop and advance artistic and cultural inquiries in the context of fictitious worlds. In this course, students begin by engaging with storytelling fundamentals, such as subject, object, site and event and then generate them into experimental video projects that may use performance art, animation, painting or even live action.