DADA Instruments

3 credits

What does your instrument look and sound like? Does it sound like the flowing of your heartbeat? Or does it sound like the texture of your skin?
In this class, we will create personal physical instruments/sound objects through exploration and experimentation with resonant materials. Using technical tools of analog and digital sonic practice we will develop methodologies through material explorations, sonic meditations, and kinetic sculpture. We will introduce the basic use of technological tools such as PureData, Reaper, Arduino IDE and assorted hardware focusing on how to integrate them with sonorous materials to create sculpture, installation, experimental music compositions and video. We discuss theories on sonic practice, performance, materiality, and new media by creating a collective anthology of readings, songs, and artists. Students will explore these tools through workshops, collaborative and solo design challenges, improvisational sessions, and group critiques. This class will culminate in a final project that will be presented in a concert or album format. We will focus on building a trusting community where we are all free to explore undiscovered possibilities in the materiality of sound.

This course is for artists seeking to explore sonic practice as an extension of their art practice. Musicians are welcome, no music or coding experience required, but a willingness to make noise and take risks! DADA is our wild and creative attitude towards this course. Join Us!