Performing Post-internet

3 credits

This interdisciplinary studio course explores the critical perspectives of internet-based performance art. Students will be provided with the conceptual frameworks and historical contexts necessary to make compelling performances that either exist on the internet or make use of networked technologies like routers and IP cameras. Students may perform using their bodies, simple machines, twitter bots, or any medium of choice for one's followers, algorithms, strangers, trolls, and even viewers IRL. If a platform exists online, whether it is YouTube or email, Yelp or Reddit, then it is relevant to this course and ripe for performance. We will analyze performances by Marisa Olson, Ann Hirsch, Dynasty Handbag, Jayson Musson, Michael Mandiberg; and read work by Artie Vierkant, Hito Steyerl, Marvin Carlson, Micha Cárdenas, and many more.