Research Studio: Decolonial E-Textiles

3 credits

This combined studio research and seminar focuses on exploring technological textile practices to challenge and disrupt the hegemonic conceptions of art and technology, specifically the e-textile field. This course seeks to question the hegemonic technological tools, and the paradigms they involve, in order to create e-textile projects from a radical, critical, situated, and anti-colonial perspective.

Articulating textile techniques (embroidery, patchwork and sewing in general) with
simple and low tech analogical electronic mechanisms (LED lights, motors, DIY
loudspeakers, etc.), each student will create an e-textile piece. Electronics then will
become part of the tissue: conductive threads, batteries, LEDs, motors and speakers
will invade the fabrics like a thread, a buttonhole or a button. The interactive and
haptic aspect of the textiles, based on tactile stimuli, sonic devices, and light, will
make visible political thoughts, actions and feelings.
Going beyond the dominant and non-neutral narratives implies exploring other
forms of art practices to question the epistemological foundation itself. The goal of
this course is to develop DIY, e-textile poetics, activism, techno-feminism, craftivism
and social practices rooted in the territories themselves, interweaving with their
own traditions, cultures and idiosyncrasies, in order to nurture resistant forms of
conceiving digital and e-textile projects.