Media Perspectives

3 credits

The goal of this course is to explore the major concepts and perspectives on media
culture and contemporary media art from a critical point of view. With a particular
focus on critical media forms, we will analyze these narratives in relation to the
broader social, historical, and cultural contexts in which they circulate. The materials
covered in this course will acquaint students with an introduction to the
contemporary debates, narratives, and art projects that engage the media culture
and the media art.
We will tackle questions concerning the patterns, theories, dynamics, political
challenges, ethics, and social specificity of the media art. In this course, students
produce a reflective piece of work that incorporates research and theoretical
exploration of a topic. Additionally, course discussions are held focused on
pertinent readings, screenings, and lectures.
The course will focus on discussion of key contemporary works, topics and theory,
and in-class assignments. Together, we will get involved in critical approaches to
challenging assumptions, hegemonic thinking, metaphoric technological occlusions,
and archetypes involved in media culture through reflection and creation.