2019 Biennial

Affective Echo

by Jihoo Kim

Projection mapping installation

By repurposing the technology from a separate entity to extension of our experiential being, this biomimicry AI will function as an extended body and offers synesthetic experiences in our life which not only takes biodata but utilizes it to create enhanced spheres of human experience.

Listening to Coal

by Elise Stephens

Installation with wall mounted VR and table of objects

Exploring the lifecycle of technology through a material whose exploitation is now synonymous with toxicity and irreversible damage to humans and landscape, _Listening to Coal_ expresses the abstract and poetic qualities of a layered piece of earth by compressing elements like the labored breath of a former miner, the glistening wet stone walls deep in a mountain, and persistent damp drip of water. _Listening to Coal_ is offered on a platform accessible to anyone with internet access on a desktop or a smartphone.

Make Your Own Dream Lover

by June Yoon

Multi channel video installation

Multimedia installation including narrative/performance videos and photography, projection mapping, webVR - based on the objectification on women that Yoon’s been witnessing within web environments including MMOs, video games, and male-centric online communities.

The Evolution of Language and Behavior in a Cyberspace

by Hyejun Youn

Video on monitor

Virtual reality as a social cyberspace that functions like the agora of ancient Greece, with its own rules of presentation and communication. This project is an expansion of our use of web browsers into 3D space, and the investigation of how emerging technological infrastructures have the capacity to change our behaviors and language.

Magnified Observations I & 2

by Gonzalo Galetto

Two channel video installation

Magnified Observations scales microscopic ecologies into focus to bring attention to and destabilize human perspective towards the other-than-human.

Enter the Bardo

by Songan Kyung

Single channel projection on white wall

_Enter the Bardo*_ is an attempt to give the contemporaries, who experience countless creation and deletions of fragments of their identities online, an opportunity to experience the process in-between death and rebirth and ponder on the meaning of life and death. Unlike the conventional, traditional meaning of death and deletion which was elimination and annihilation, the current meanings of deletion and death seem to be challenged and shifting. In contemporary, everything online remains eternal, drifting. *Bardo is a Buddhist concept, which is the intermediate state between death and rebirth.

Virtual Molecular Structure

by Songan Kyung

web page, paper, 3d printed sculpture

During the so-called Analogue era, before the new media era arrived, there was a boundary between the online and offline environments. However, after the invention of the smartphone, the boundary is obliterating. Access to virtual environments is ubiquitous and the space where real and virtual world coexist got expanded more than ever. Through the project, I tried to link the virtual and physical dimensions by giving the virtual products tangible forms. 1) Conceptual three-dimensional typeface modeled on a molecular structure, containing multiple hexagons. I linked the typeface and molecule by relating the mechanisms of their hierarchy structure. As a substance needs a group of molecules to be formed, typography, too, requires from the smallest units like points and lines to bigger units like letters, words. 2) A web site, which you can generate your own three-dimensional molecular typeface by typing some text. 3) 3D printed _Phono sapiens_, _Glancerait_ and _SongansophieKyung_, which are generated through the web site. Phono Sapiens is the new identity of a human, that cannot live a single moment offline, which have arisen with the spread of smartphones. And the others are my personal online identities. In that way, I brought the virtual structures, formed in an online environment, into the physical reality.

Halfway to Nowhere

by Xinyu Li

Digital video

Unable to find the direction of my life.


by Meghan Surges

Two channel video installation with rear-view mirror monitors, brackets, wood and acrylic

Expwy is composed of several thousand images from CCTV cameras along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Grand Central Parkway, and the Bruckner Expressway in New York City. Together, the videos target and interrogate images of Corrections buses captured between June 2nd and 8th, 2019.

on settings

by Ollie Rosario

Interactive Floor Projection

on settings distorts video based on the location and movement of visitors.


by Kat Jarvinen

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

m4w tells the story of someone alone on the Internet.


by Zongxian Huang

Found objects

It is a reflection of my existence at that time based on the tension between body, object, and environment.


by Thomas Brett

Gameplay Video

Inspired by the Japanese practice of ikebana, the work places nature and landscape within the domain of design. Through their navigation of the terrain, the player explores technological conceptions of nature in the age of the Anthropocene.


by Emily Bright

Digital video

The film is a compilation of diegetic prototypes, which is speculating on speculation.

Disappearance of Persistence, Compilation of Ephemera

by Ji Yoon Jen Chung

Plaster with scented oil, ink printed on translucent film

Death Messages

by Hannah Suzanna

Ink and paper

Death Messages are the thoughts we've been having about death that we haven't had a place to share, until now — a way to communicate our memories, fears, hopes, and beliefs surrounding death.