Studio — Research Groups

Propaganda is a powerful tool for politicians, corporations, advertisers, cultural institutions, and anyone else who is looking to manipulate a story. But it is also a starting point for acts of subversion, humor, and many forms of creative resistance. This research group will assist artists in attempting to find political and imaginative expression in pieces of culture that are often regarded as anti-creative.

From data mining to resource extraction, everything seems to become a series data points in vast demographic and economic rating systems. We are bombarded with an environment having little or no value for individual creative exchange. The missing variable in all of these equations is the freedom and importance of the single thinking human who is disregarded in these culture-as-market movements. The goal of this studio is to find intuitive ways to re-purpose this environment through guerrilla communication, activist art, and the creative re-use of spin control techniques.

Potential areas of investigation may include: wearable computing, physical computing, interactive performance, tactical media, art science collaboration, material science, smart materials, artificial life and serious game design.

This Digital + Media Research Group is led by Matt Kenyon and Edek Sher.