In Fall 2012 we will be running the ‘Re-Framing The Real’ Research Group as a project laboratory for independent & collaborative projects, and as an artists and curators lectures series.

The research group is dedicated to the analysis and development of practices that, by way of art, technology, and media, are able to change the configuration of the common experience of reality.

We will analyze works by artists motivated by a sense of cultural, social and political urgency to which they respond by creating new dramaturgies of the sensible, and new relationships between history and future. The backdrop of these artists’ actions and works is often the public sphere, defined as the area that extends from the street to the mass media and up to the Internet.

The artists, that will be considered in the research group, includes Jakob Tigges, who created Berlin’s most popular invisible attraction, proposing a mountain, more than 1,000 meters high, on the site of the former Tempelhof airport in Berlin; Francis Alÿs, that together with 500 volunteers moved the geographical location of an entire dune by a few inches in Lima, Peru; The Yes Men and Steve Lambert, who handed out, on the streets, approximately 80,000 copies of a fake edition of The New York Times; Martin Kippenberger, who constructed, around the world, entrances to an imagined global underground metro system; and Eva and Franco Mattes, who set up a fake Nike advertisement campaign to rename one of Vienna’s main squares, as Nikeplatz.

Some of these artists, together with art curators, will be invited to share their experiences with the research group via lectures and workshops.

The encounters and the students’ projects that will be developed in the research group will all be part of a publication.

First lectures:
0100101110101101.ORG aka Eva & Franco Mattes  – SEPTEMBER
Domenico Quaranta – art critic and curator – OCTOBER
Jon Cohrs – NOVEMBER

The group will be a forum for research topics, projects, theory discussions, critique sessions and confrontations with invited artist and curators.

If you have a related project or research topic that you wish to develop further in a supportive environment, this is a good opportunity to do that.

How/When/Where: Students who are accepted into the group may choose to get full course credit (ISP or CSP). The group will meet once every two weeks, exact time TBD based on people’s schedules.

Application process: Email Andrea Masu and Elisa Giardina Papa, –, and outline your research interests and a possible related project that you might bring to the group. Please include 3 web resolution JPGs of your work.

And if you have any questions please e-mail us.


Cover photo by Estelle Hanania