Wintersession features exciting grad taught classes!D+M students design studio electives open to the entire student body in which “the digital” is both the means and the ends of inquiry.

January 19th

The relentless release of new technologies in our daily lives carries with it the nagging feeling of the ground rapidly shifting beneath our feet – of a cultural landscape undergoing around-the-clock revision. And with each new must-have device, app and productivity tool, this dizzying feeling becomes more the norm. We keep up with innovation the way we keep up with Mr. Robot: on demand and from the comfort of our living rooms.

At RISD grad students in Digital + Media interrogate this “new normal” through research and teaching that explores how technology simultaneously shapes and is shaped by historical, cultural, political and economic factors.

Through these intensive, five-week classes, students in the second year of the MFA program conceive of and develop innovative curricula that enrich their research, provide essential opportunities for professional development and deepen the department’s longstanding research agenda.

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