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2/4 — 3/20/16
Digital + Media Biennial Graduate Exhibition
Sol Koffler Gallery
7/16 — 7/19/15
It’s Never As It Seems
Flux Factory 39-31 29th Street Long Island City, New York

Art that examines technology invites a wide, with works are often interactive, topical, playful, and unpredictable. But sometimes it receives the criticism of being confounding, inelegant, or even ‘not art’. Why? Does it hit too close to home? Does it make us aware of our vulnerabilities as humans, or our fragile sense of control, perhaps? Self-reflection can be uncomfortable, but questioning our use of technology is crucial if we truly want to advance our quality of life; art is an important space where this can happen. Each of the fourteen artists in this exhibition explores the societal and ethical implications of technology in an effort to reflect upon and promote a humane approach to social progress and innovation.

11/8 — 12/8/14
Sol Koffler Gallery CIT
10/17 — 11/30/14
Pale Firework
Gelman Gallery

Pale Fireworks curated by Weijiang “Mo” Kong (DM’15) & Mengyu Chen (DM’15) October 17-November 30, 2014. Opening Reception October 16th 6-8pm.

3/20 — 5/10/14
Apexart: Coding the Body

Kelly Dobson has work in the the current exhibition Coding the Body. Coding the Body interrogates the relationships between humans and code. It explores how code is being
used to understand, control, decorate, and replicate us. The exhibition celebrates the beauty of code and its manifestations while casting a wary eye on its ever expanding power.

Organized by: Leah Buechley

11/1 — 12/11/13
Gelman Gallery

A curated exhibition by Janet Shih(DM14) and Chihao Yo(DM14)

More Information here

10/4 — 10/5/13
Installation Show, Cabinet of Cynics 2
Granoff Center For the Creative Arts, Brown

Installation Show. Cabinet of Cynics 2, The Future featuring works by Jason Rabie (DM14), Yangyang XU (DM14), Rebecca Henniksen, Jane Long (DM15), Vivian Charlesworth (DM15), Faith Wilding and Chih hao Yu (DM14)