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2/17 — 2/26/17
Kourtnie Aileru (DM 17) “A Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce”
AS 220

A Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce is set in an alternate future that parallels our present, where over one thousand people are killed by the police every year, told from the perspective of one of the victims of the State. whose death inspired protest, riots, and the formation of a black billionaire super PAC that funnels dark money to radical community building organizations of color including a West African self help guru, a girl scout troop that gives belts to thugs, the manufacturer of bulletproof hoodies, and a documentarian obsessed with showing the life and death of a victim of police violence. Is there therapy for society? Can the infrastructure stand and be repurposed? Or does it all need to burn and be rebuilt with altered intention?

This original world premiere is the first full length play by locally renowned slam poet, rapper, MC, and activist Vatic Kuumba, in collaboration with director / choreographer Ronald Kevin Lewis, and visual artists D.S Kinsel, Funmilayo Alieru, Ryan Alves, and Alex Ruiz, amongst others.  The cast of A Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce includes Christopher Johnson, Yemi Owojori-Omisore, Esteban Coronado, Muggs Fogarty, Marshal Gilson, Pheonyx Williams, Becky Bass, Elyssa Perez, Brian Folan, and Delbert Collins.

A Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce is the second full production to be incubated by AS220’s Community Live Arts Residency Initiative. As part of the residency, Kuumba and his collaborators have been staging “Ice Cream Social Justice” events at arts organizations throughout Providence, including School One, New Urban Arts, UCAP Middle School, PRYSM, and AS220 Youth.

This project is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.


Admission is free for RISD and Brown students. 

2/5 — 3/5/17
Sophia Brueckner (DM12) and Matt Kenyon (FT Faculty) featured in online exhibition xstrange!

exstrange is a month-long, curated exhibition on eBay designed to examine the site’s potential as a place for the exchange of ideas, objects and commerce, #exstrange transforms eBay into a site of artistic production and cultural exchange. A form of artistic intervention into capitalism, over 19 artists will participate in the project, including DM Alum Sophia Brueckner and DM faculty member Matt Kenyon.

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2/4 — 8/27/17
Matt Kenyon (FT Faculty) in Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seems
Liberty Science Center in New Jersey

Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seems is designed to make you question your perception of the world around you, and perhaps reality itself. The exhibition’s dozens of thought-provoking exhibits explore principles rooted in magic, art, neuroscience, physics, biology, psychology, and technology.

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2/2 — 3/11/17
Shona Kitchen (DH), Aly Ogasian (DM15) + Claudia O’Steen (DM15) in STEAM 2017 Exhibition at University of West Florida
The Art Gallery, University of West Florida

The STEAM 2017 Art Exhibition explores the integration of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to determine how those fields can influence the preservation of a clean environment. The exhibition  includes artistic work from both artists and scientists from across the nation, focusing on water and the environment.  The goal of the exhibition is to spark conversation surrounding environmental stewardship.

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1/20 — 1/29/17
Xin Liu’s (DM15) collaborative project premieres at Sundance
Sundance Film Festival

<Tree> is a virtual experience that transforms participants into a rainforest tree, debuting at Sundance Film Festival 2017 New Frontier. With your arms as branches and body as the trunk, you experience the tree’s growth from a seedling into its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand. Collaborating with Artist Milica Zec and Winslow Porter, Xin Liu designed and constructed the entire tactile experience throughout the film. With precisely controlled physical elements including vibration, heat, fan and body haptics, the team created a fully immersive virtual reality storytelling moment, where the audience no longer watches but is transformed into a new identity, a giant tree in the Peruvian rainforest.

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12/8 — 12/17/16
D+M Alumni featured in Getting to Know the Middleman
SIA New York, 511 W 20th St. 2nd FL. 2N. New York, NY 10011

Featuring Liat Berdugo (DM12), Mimi Cabell (Faculty) + Jason Huff (DM11), Cristobal Cea Sanchez (2012), Kai Franz, Elisa Giardina Papa (DM13), Kurt Ralske (Former D+M Faculty, and Clement Valla (DM12)

Despite living in an era heralded as a period of mass dis-intermediation, the middleman is more present than ever. The middleman has become a murky apparatus that surrounds us and shapes modes of production and artmaking, social relationships, and forms of labor. But how can we know the ways in which the middleman operates? How do we get to know his agenda?

The artists in the show engage with these questions through a variety of strategies and practices. The artworks presented in Getting to know the Middleman maintain deliberately ambiguous responses to the middleman, neither embracing nor condemning the apparatus within which we find ourselves enmeshed. The artists here acknowledge the paradox of their position and opt for a self-conscious push and play, and a critical closeness by getting to know the middleman.


Gallery Hours –

Thurs – Sat, 12pm – 6pm and by appointment (kurt.ralske@gmail.com or clementvalla@gmail.com)

12/6 — 12/10/16
Sophia Brueckner (DM 12) and Matt Kenyon (FT Faculty) in “The Creativity of Things”
WEBB Gallery, QCA, 226 Grey Street, South Bank

D+M alumni Sophia Brueckner and D+M faculty Matt Kenyon are exhibiting work in a show titled The Creativity of Things – a CreateWorld exhibition at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

Artists include: Robert Andrew, Jenna Baker, Paul Bardini, Troy Baverstock, Chris Cassidy, Roland Graf, Louise Harvey, Ross Manning, Phoebe McDonald, Jane Prophet, Svetlana Trefilova, Anastasia Tyurina, Lee Walton and Derek Toomes.


10/15 — 5/21/17
Joe Winograd featured in Hi-Tech Lo-Tech
Young At Art Museum

Young At Art Museum is electrified to present Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech, a survey of the relationship between art and technology. This eight-month line of programming will evolve over its tenure and span the entire museum. Through the event’s various manifestations, visitors will learn about a broad range of technological developments and their effects on art both before and after the turn of the 21st century. By striking a balance between structure and adaptability, Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech is constructed to both teach and learn in order to foster understanding and discussion without restraining itself by definite limits.

The boundaries between inventors, artists, scientists, engineers and technologists are becoming more blurred each and every day. The museum will serve as a central point for these parties to exhibit art, lead talks and conduct workshops providing participants with the opportunity to examine a variety of exciting ideas and their applications in art and technology. Whether from antiquated to innovative, static to kinetic, or physical to digital, Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech will compare and contrast the changes in art and technology through exploration and interaction. By looking into human inventions, we will gain a sense of introspection, becoming more self-aware. Via new materials and media, interesting manufacturing processes and variations in traditional crafts and design, visitors will be able to appreciate how a slight intervention can have a colossal impact on art and culture.

Featuring END USER with work by:
Mattia Casalegno, Coral Morphologic, Ron Erlih, Jessie Laino, Sri Prabha, Oliver Sanchez, Martin Scheeler, Jonathan Rockford & Joe Winograd

10/14 — 11/27/16
Nafis White & García Sinclair (DM18) featured in Intimacy^queered at the RISD Museum
Gelman Gallery

Nafis White and García Sinclair’s new audio piece, Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound, is being shown currently in the RISD Museum Gelman Gallery, in an exhibition entitled Intimacy^queered curated by Yannick Stevens and Leah Aegerter and goes from Oct 14 – Nov 27th.

10/12 — 11/4/16
Matt Kenyon (FT Faculty) presents TAP at THE ACADIA//2016
Liberty Research Annex Gallery, University of Michigan

Matt Kenyon (with Adam Fure) will present TAP at The ACADIA//2016 exhibition October 19 – November 4. Curated by Sandra Manninger, the exhibition features design and research from the worlds of practice and academia that are positioned at the intersection of procedural design, digital environments and autonomous machines.

TAP features a vintage kitchen sink sunk vertically into the gallery wall. Instead of water, yellow and blue flames pour from the faucet, initiating color shifts in an encrusted frame made from fused bits of discarded ceramics.The image of a contemporary kitchen sink spouting forth flames has become synonymous with “Fracking” a method of horizontal drilling into shale formations known as hydraulic fracturing. Across America, residents have experienced a slew of chronic health problems that can be traced back to the contamination of their air, water wells, or surface water resulting from nearby oil and gas fracking.

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10/6 — 11/3/16
D+M Exhibition Space Opens: Inaugural Show Features Current Grads!
169 Weybosset Street, 4th Floor

Thursday October 6th is the 1st exhibition opening of D + M grads work in our new gallery space on the 4th floor of CIT from 6:30pm-8pm. Each first Thursday of every month the department will feature the work of current 1st & 2nd year Graduate students and we will celebrate with an opening reception complete with refreshments.

This months exhibition will feature works by

Emily Pan

Kourtnie Aileru

Evan Daniel

García Sinclair

Eli Backer

Please join us for our inaugural event.

9/15 — 10/15/16
Lucky Leone (PT Faculty) at Chazan Gallery
Chazan Gallery, 228 Angell Street, Providence, RI

The Chazan Gallery is pleased to present i am unclear, a solo exhibition of works by Lucky Leone.

6/10 — 6/26/16
Yakun Chen (DM17) at CURRENTS festival
Santa Fe, New Mexico
5/27 — 6/4/16
RISD graduate thesis exhibition
RI convention center, Hall A, one Sabin st., Providence
4/21 — 6/5/16
Rocio Delaloye (DM16), Edek Sher (DM16), and Sam Galison (DM16): Better Again
Chace Center Gelman Gallery
4/18 — 4/18/16
Stephanie Muscat (DM17) at OneLounge
Ewing Multicultural Center, 41 Waterman St

Get ready for our second installment of RISD Salon as we dive back into further discussion on dealing with obstacles, becoming active participators as opportunity seekers, and how science and art can speak to each other. Stephanie Muscat (DM17) will present her thoughts and ideas on adapting her art and design education to her science background at this talk tomorrow.

For more event details, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/2005548249670299/

4/13 — 4/13/16
Edek Sher (DM16) and Evan Daniel (DM17) in Anthology 14
Room 202 RISD CIT, 169 Weybosset Street

Anthology is an eclectic evening of readings, performances and visual works featuring the faculty and graduate students of Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design.

3/17 — 3/24/16
Still Life
Extra Credit RISD Fletcher building 300, 212 Union st. 


Extra Credit presents a collaborative multi-channel video and audio installation by Rocío Delaloye and Edek Sher.
Still Life is an audio-visual installation which fills the height of one wall in the Extra Credit gallery in Providence, RI. Viewers are cooly bombarded with digital detritus that has been arranged and abandoned by its creators. The piece is an examination of readily available archival objects, personally selected digital belongings, and inexplicable emptiness: multiple creators have had roles in the assemblage, yet a sense of loneliness pervades.




2/4 — 3/20/16
Digital + Media Biennial Graduate Exhibition
Sol Koffler Gallery
7/16 — 7/19/15
It’s Never As It Seems
Flux Factory 39-31 29th Street Long Island City, New York

Art that examines technology invites a wide, with works are often interactive, topical, playful, and unpredictable. But sometimes it receives the criticism of being confounding, inelegant, or even ‘not art’. Why? Does it hit too close to home? Does it make us aware of our vulnerabilities as humans, or our fragile sense of control, perhaps? Self-reflection can be uncomfortable, but questioning our use of technology is crucial if we truly want to advance our quality of life; art is an important space where this can happen. Each of the fourteen artists in this exhibition explores the societal and ethical implications of technology in an effort to reflect upon and promote a humane approach to social progress and innovation.

11/8 — 12/8/14
Sol Koffler Gallery CIT
10/17 — 11/30/14
Pale Firework
Gelman Gallery

Pale Fireworks curated by Weijiang “Mo” Kong (DM’15) & Mengyu Chen (DM’15) October 17-November 30, 2014. Opening Reception October 16th 6-8pm.

3/20 — 5/10/14
Apexart: Coding the Body

Kelly Dobson has work in the the current exhibition Coding the Body. Coding the Body interrogates the relationships between humans and code. It explores how code is being
used to understand, control, decorate, and replicate us. The exhibition celebrates the beauty of code and its manifestations while casting a wary eye on its ever expanding power.

Organized by: Leah Buechley

11/1 — 12/11/13
Gelman Gallery

A curated exhibition by Janet Shih(DM14) and Chihao Yo(DM14)

More Information here