Origin Story

3 credits

We all construct our identities daily whether it's during introductions at a party or while writing an artist bio for a gallery. Sharing your background in a succinct, sincere, and engaging way to connect you to others. Beyond this surface, the experiences, people, and locations that have shaped you can and will continue to inform your voice as an artist. However, with any choice in the design process, critical thought needs to be applied.

Some artists choose to focus on origin stories while others occupy formal or conceptual realms. Regardless, of the thrust of the work, the artist's hand is always present. In this class we will explore our own origin stories while examining and questioning mid-career contemporary artists and theorists who address issues related to personal narrative in art. Sparked by an interest in stories centering on a hero's transformation through the adaptation of technology, students will research and explore models of origin stories while developing projects relating to their own history. Technology workshops will focus on a DIY approach to tool-making. Whether it is a masked crusader from popular culture, an Ancient Greek mariner, or former RISD alumni who have developed a grad thesis into an international community action think tank, this class will aim to equip the student with the tools to examine their origin story now and fold it into their artistic careers.