Paulina Sierra

In this desire for translation is where Appropriation in my creative process begins. It is activated by what has been assimilated from our heritage and cultural background, a background that has already become divergent by the multiple interventions of otherness we have had in the past.

I want to acknowledge that centuries later we still concoct new interpretations of the old world, just as we have also been able to apply old understandings to the new. Our parameters are modern and traditional, crafted and mass produced, exogenous and indigenous, cosmic and technocratic.

Eye I & Eye Us

Neil Salley

Musée Patamécanique

The Musée Patamécanique—aka The Museum of Patamechanics—is a hybrid institution designed to provide a forum for exploring the meaning and possibilities of patamechanics. The museum opened its doors to the general public for tours on the anniversary of St. Sphincter, the 25th day of HAhA, 134 E.P. and has delighted countless visitors ever since.

Secretly located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Musée Patamécanique is part of the culture of the Wunderkammer, or the Cabinets of Curiosities, and is rumored to open its doors to friends, colleagues and the occasional curiosity seeker from early spring to late fall. The museum does not offer much in the way of highbrow objects d’art—nor are the exhibits that fill its halls presented with the intention to explain or to simplify anything. A tour of the Musée has been said to resemble a “two bit phantasmagoria show,” an “exhibition of bachelor machines” and an “intellectual hall of mirrors.” Still others say that Musée Patamécanique does not exist!

2006_Salley_EPIST_Studio3 2006_Salley_EPIST_Studio2

Janet Shih

spiritual, transparent, kawaii, dreams

spiritual, transparent, kawaii, dreams is a triptych of images taken from online communities (specifically Tumblr). It applies the images seen linearly on online platforms into a traditional composition, calling for the process of scanning and interpretation by the audience.

It attempts to combine our online perceptions into a representation of those images in our worldviews, asking: when does the offering become the deity?

Janet Shih: spiritual, transparent, kawaii, dreams

Elizabeth Skadden

Mercantile Sculptural Installation

Mercantile Building is a 100-year-old building in Providence modified over time by users of the space who decorated it to their own tastes. The space has changed to reflect how humans affect the spaces that they exist in. All the original denizens of the building are gone and a local arts organization has bought the space for restoration. As the building is cleared, so goes the hand of the people who used this space. Having acted as an urgent archaeologist, I took the walls from this place and reconstructed them into a new space. The final installation preserved the building and consisted of a maze-like room that gave viewers the feeling of being in this liminal space, decorated with items and the walls from the space itself. Light boxes lit the space and a 4’x5’ light box depicted the items in the space that they once inhabited.

Elizabeth Skadden: Mercantile Sculptural Installation Elizabeth Skadden: Mercantile Sculptural Installation Elizabeth Skadden: Mercantile Sculptural Installation

Collapsing New Buildings

Mary Burge

Looking back I think I was a crazy masochist to build a house I couldn’t keep and had no experience in making. The party line is that I wanted to tell a story about my own culture and memories because I knew if I didn’t, someone else would do it for me.

The nature of digital video, sound, and other types of digital documentation is like the scorpion in the river. It may give you a ride on its back, but if it bites you on the opposite shore, you shouldn’t be surprised since that’s its nature.


The piece was about living with plurality of representations—photo, video, etc., and what it does to your own sense of self and memory to be constantly reminded of who you were or are as interpreted via a camera. I took this psychic split to be hostile at times, and interpreted through my own experiences growing up in the South.

I’ve lived in Yankeeland for so long, and heard so many different ignorant and negative views of my own culture, that I wanted to explore that feeling of otherness—whether the otherness was female, or queer, or just going it alone. Especially since I was the other when I was growing up, but in different ways. So I was forcing myself to sort through my own feelings and other people’s, while knowing I am a media maker and that’s a responsibility.

Gideon Webster

I think physical displacement or my perception of feeling out of place is often a trigger that leads me to explore.

The exploration, in a way, is an effort to seek out new memories. I have always learned by doing and by experience. I don’t think that my work needs interaction, but I enjoy the challenge that the invitation creates.

Dan Chen

As a producer (part improvisational engineer, part philosopher-designer), I develop a series of functional robots capable of reenacting basic common human social behaviors.

I do this to place in full view questions about how social intimacy is delivered. By making the fictional real, bringing our fantasies into play, I confront the ontological conundrum of the validity of a programmed intimacy. As sculptural studies and experience designs, these devices reveal how RITs might work for us; as transitional objects providing an emotional placebo effect, instead of emotional life support.

File > Save As > Intimacy

Jane Long


What is the point of picking a point of fixation and devoting oneself to incomplete understandings of life, objects and things? To pick at the bellybutton.

On Everything and Nothing

Lisa Morgan

The written thesis is approached as a generative force and resource that feeds into, clarifies and illuminates, or consciously confounds, the studio-based practice.

Sophia Brueckner

Singing Code

Inspired by John Baldessari singing the instructions of Sol Lewitt, I sang the instructions that I knew: C++ code. C++ is made up of two files, the header file and the body file. This simple C++ program layers the videos of me singing the C++ files.


Enraptured && Encoded