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Since Digital+Media’s inception in 2003, it has occupied a dynamic zone at the nexus of art, science, technology and philosophy. Each year, we admit a talented and diverse cohort from a variety of fields including art, computing, engineering, science, anthropology, and more. Our goal is to establish a new territory where traditionally – siloed disciplines are fluid and porous so that our students may articulate new questions and interrogate new relationships through their artwork.

Within this ever-changing space, students explore a variety of topics and ask fundamental questions about human nature, knowledge, technology, economics, and geography. Throughout our curriculum, we emphasize  an idea-driven practice, in which form and media are determined by conceptual intention. We work directly with students to develop a rigorous, multi-modal research methodology that supports and underwrites their artistic practice. Within this process, students often identify new sites of cultural production, methodologies, technologies or genres.

Our students’ artwork manifests across a variety of media – installation, video, performance, programming, hybrid media, installation and more. They are united by a passion to continually explore and break boundaries.

Faculty and Staff Directory

Rafael Attias
John Baca
Paul Badger
Rachelle Beaudoin
Frauke Behrendt
Leon Belt
Bonnie Blue
Jun Bokyoung
Elliott Brennan
Nell Breyer
Ed Brown
Xiaowen Chen
Erik Conrad
Stephen Cooke
Matthew Cottam
Catherine D’Ignazio
Steve Dean
Kelly Dobson, Former DH
Mark Domino
Evelyn Eastmond
Buki Esuruoso
George Fifield
Eric Forman
Amber Frid-Jiminez
Naomi Fry
Layla Gaye
Ilona Gaynor
Elisa Giardina Papa
Steven Gomez Dean
Edward Hammond
Mara Haseltine
Tad Hirsch
Gavin Hogben
Daniel Howe
Jamie Jewett
Shona Kitchen, DH
John Klima
Lisa Lee
Jen Liese
Lisa Maloney
Mikhail Mansion
Daniel Marsh
Andrea Masu
Lauren McCarthy
Sue Mazzucco
Talan Memmott
Mark Milloff
Carmen Montoya
Lisa Morgan
Katherine Moriwaki
Thryza Nichols Goodeve
Daniel Paluska
Daniel Peltz
Stephanie Pender
Patti Phillips
Meredith Pingree
Jocelyne Prince
Kurt Ralske
Francisco Ricardo
Teri Rueb, Former DH
Bill Seaman, Founder and Former DH
Geoff Seelinger
Peter Segerstrom
Danqing Shi
Dean Snyder
Sophia Sobers
Jane South
Eva Sutton
Clement Valla
Traci Vaspol
Barbara Von Eckhardt
Wendy Walters
Gideon Webster
Todd Winkler
Clifford Wulfman
Peter Yeadon
Thomas Zummer

Student Directory

George Buxton
Jeffrey Drury
Lori Hepner
Annamarie Ho
Joseph Hocking
Lauren Holt
Yu-Cheng Hsu
Liluye Jhala
Augusto Landauro
Inmi Lee
Daniel Marsh
Lili Maya
Jennifer McChesney
Gideon Webster
Jonathan Berry
David Dao
Maria Diaz Gomez
Brenda Grell
Brinton Jaecks
Naomi Kaly
Michelle Leftheris
Hye Yeon Nam
Monica Ong
Jessica Paulk
Neil Salley
Andrew Vitale
Kimberley-Blue Wade
Nathaniel Axios
John Baca
Rachelle Beaudoin
Leon Belt
Elliott Brennan
John Ewing
Bokyung Jun
Geon Dong Kim
Lisa Lee
Cristobal Mendoza
Maria Del Carmen Montoya
Matey Odonkor
Sarah Renshaw
Christopher Robbins
Peter Segerstrom
Andrew Ames
Mark Cetilia
Jeanne Jo
Nathaniel Katz
Chuan Khoo
Serena Kuo
Lucky Leone
Triton Mobley
Lucas Roy
Ioanna Sakellion
Maralie Armstrong
Mary Choueiter
Yan Da
Tayef Farrar
Rosalinda Gonzalez
Emma Hogarth
Donko Jeliazkov
Youn Hee Kwon
Caleb Larsen
Meena Satnarain
Danqing Shi
Mideum Shin
Paulina Sierra
Elizabeth Skadden
Clement Valla
Alesci Laura
Mary Burge
Ji Won Choi
Miguel Elizalde
Adam Gray
Taehee Kim
Nipun Kumar
Nathaniel Mueller
Kirk Mueller
Jan Mun
Frederick Ostrenko
Soo Jin Rho
Colin Williams
Lin Zhang
Derek Boyle
Han-Shen Chen
Kyong-Sub Do
Rohini Gosain
Byeongwon Ha
Jason Huff
Benjamin Kennedy
Jae Ok Lee
Mikhail Mansion
Justin Phillipson
Laura Swanson
Sophia Brueckner
Yu Yu Chen
Dan Chen
Alicia Dolabaille
Evelyn Eastmond
James Franco
Miao Niu
Timothy O’Keefe
Kyuha Shim
Catherine Siller
Michael Tauschinger-Dempsey
Beth Wexler
Namwoo Bae
Liat Berdugo
Ed Brown
Cristobal Cea Sanchez
Elisa Giardina Papa
Lisa Iaboni
Sang Un Jeon
Moke Li
Sophia Sobers
Tang Di
José Fernández Liermann
Woohun Joo
David Kim
Xinyu Liu
Nupur Mathur
Bathsheba Okwenje
Nick Penney
Steve Pestana
Jason Rabie
Janet Shih
Gefeng Wang
Yangyang Xu
Hyo Jin Yoo
Chih Hao Yu
Sarah Abuabdallah
Vivian Charlesworth
Mengyu Chen
Bec Conrad
Cho-Tao Huang
Mo Kong
Xin Liu
Jane Long
Alyson Ogasian
Claudia O’Steen
Dahye Park
Ashka Shah
Alexander Stewart
Ye Wang

Wintersession Course Archive

Electric Knick-knacks Max/MSP/Jitter Workshop
Peter Segerstrom

Of Sound and Vision: An Integrated Introduction to Multimedia Programming with Max
Mark Cetilia

Vision, Space, and Performance
Lucky Leone, Nathaniel Katz and Andrew Chuan Khoo

The Real World: Non-Standard Art Careers
Christopher Robbins

3D Modeling for Artists and Designers
Clement Valla

Alchemies of Time, Space and Image
Rosalinda Gonzalez + Emma Hogarth

Digitalia: An Introduction to Digital Media
Mary Choueiter + Elizabeth Skadden

Noise: History of Disruptions
Maralie Armstrong- Milholland

Collaborative Digital Drawing
Colin Williams

Intelligent Sensing and Control
Taehee Kim

Space in New Media Installations
Miguel Elizalde + Nipun Kumar

Materialize Information
Kai Franz

Seamless: Fashion + Technology
Kirk Mueller + Nathaniel Mueller

The Ghost in the Machine: Analogue to Digital Technology
Laura Alesci + Mary Burge

Digital Video for Artists
Justin Phillipson

The Five Obstructions
Jason Huff + Laura Swanson

Busted: Experiments in Appropriation and Found Art
Derek Paul Boyle

Performance: Pre Medium, Post Medium
Benjamin Kennedy

Interactive Motion Graphics + Live Action
Kyong-Sub Do

Breaking the Film: Structural Film to Algorithmic Media
Byeongwon Ha

Craft and the Digital
Jenny Hwang

Sample, Mashup, Remix: Experimentations in Contemporary Nonlinear Art Making
Beth Wexler

Video and the Body
Catherine Siller

Form + Code
Kyuha Shim

Science Fiction: Exploring Our Fears and Hopes for Technology
Sophia Brueckner

Systems: Structures, Rules, Algorithms and Creation
Sophia Sobers

Games: Make, Play, Thank
Elizabeth Rossiter

The Impossible Project: 3D and Compositing for Visual Artists
Cristobal Cea Sanchez

Experiments with Narrative: Digital Audio and Video
Lisa Iaboni

Experimental Installation & Space
Namwoo Bae

From Avant Garde to YouTube
Elisa Giardina Papa

Digital Body: Hybrid Adornment
Catherine Andreozzi + Brian Kane

Making Technological Messes
Liat Berdugo

[ctrlC] + [ctrlV]
José Fernández Liermann + Janet Shih

Aesthetic Journalism
Nupur Mathur + Bathsheba Okwenje

Living Media: Cultivating and Setting it Loose in Your Work
David Kim

Circuit-Paper-Scissors: Paper-Based Electronic Art and Design
Hyo Jin Yoo + Chih Hao Yu

Hardware Hacking and Critical Making (of object and sound)
Jason Rabie

Shaping the Fictional Reality
Gefeng Wang

War Machine
Mengyu Chen + Cho Tao Huang

William Gibson
Alexander Stewart

The Truth is Out There
Vivian Charlesworth + Alyson Ogasian

The Mind At Hand: Sentient Skill and Time Based Media
Bec Conrad + Claudia O’Steen

Biological Smattering
Jane Long

Paranoia East: A Study and Practice on Japanese Sci-Fi Anime
Mo Kong + Xin Liu