Throughout their MFA, students in Digital + Media interrogate our relationship with technology. They advocate for a reconsideration of the role of the artist in the digital age.

Working with an expansive definition of technology – as a tool, a methodology, and a mode of dissemination – students explore the impact of historic, future, and contemporary advancement through the use of science fiction, alternate realities, and absurdist gestures.

They broadly examine how technology impacts politics, warfare, identity, interpersonal relationships and perception, often embedding themselves within the technological landscape through field work or an extended research practice. Within this process they reveal hidden infrastructures, systems of control and economies of production.

Frequently, they draw complex and nuanced conclusions, and question whether or not technological progress sits outside of our definition of nature.

They delight in glitch, failure, humor and magic. They inhabit a space between technology and art, physical and virtual, real and imaginary where creativity and code may co-exist.